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Smart simplicity and mindful living

Our company’s philosophy of smart simplicity and mindful living is embodied in a business model that allows us to cater to an growing community of loyal customers that is interested in a superior product while not paying overinflated prices. We call it the 'campaign’ method.

We sell a single type of tea, but have chosen the very best: Darjeeling Tea.  Darjeeling Tea is grown at high altitudes on the slopes of the Himalayas in India.  It has a unique and distinct flavour. Its annual harvest is limited.  Darjeeling is often called the “Champagne of Teas.”

We only sell in large packages. This reduces costs for packaging material and storage.

We sell directly to the customer. Focusing on one type of tea allows us to purchase large quantities of finest Darjeeling Tea directly from the Tea Gardens in Darjeeling/India, cutting out the middlemen. Buying in bulk reduces costs.

Our customers value the power of our simple and radical approach. We save on transportation, storage, and packaging. You get the best Pure and Organic Darjeeling Tea at an affordable price.

We cherish simplicity. Our radical simplicity approach rests on several economic principles. These principles work together to make an exclusive product affordable.

Our economic vision

Our economic vision is to enable our customers to buy Pure and Organic Darjeeling Tea at a considerably low price. This approach requires that we "campaign" to educate consumers about our business model. We limit our Teas to Darjeeling, import directly from the Tea Gardens in Darjeeling/India, and sell in large packages. Specialising in Darjeeling Tea allows us to select the very best quality. Informed consumers are our most loyal partners.

"Campaign” also speaks to our advocacy for the environment and for food purity. Our parent company, the Tea Campaign Germany (Teekampagne), has long invested in the environmental health of Darjeeling, the district in India where our tea comes from. Also, our teas are not only certified organic but also tested for more than 500 chemical residues (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides used in other tea gardens worldwide). The results of all tests are printed on each tea package. 

Finally, "campaign" refers to what our customers do: educate themselves, consume wisely, and Spread the Word! Our company has grown by word of mouth, not by traditional marketing methods. The money we save lowers the price for our customers. Help us to keep our prices low!

Our success over 30 Years proves that this unique approach to business works surprisingly well.

Find out how you can benefit...
Tea Campaign Australia - Organic Darjeeling Tea - Buy in Bulk and Save

Save up to 20% when you buy your Organic Darjeeling Tea in bulk!

- Save approx. 20% when you buy 1000g instead of 4 x 250g

- Save approx. 10% when you buy 500g instead of 2 x 250g

Check out the following table to find out how long your pack of Organic Darjeeling Tea will approx. last:

 Daily Usage Daily Usage - Loose Leaf Tea Package Size Usage Duration
1 cup/day (250ml Tea) 2g Loose Leaf Tea 500g  8 Months
2 cups/day (500ml Tea) 4Loose Leaf Tea



4 Months

8 Months

3 cups/day (750ml Tea) 6Loose Leaf Tea



3 Months

7 Months

1 large pot/day (1-litre Tea) 8Loose Leaf Tea



2 Months

4 Months

Enjoy a great cup of ORGANIC DARJEELING TEA every day!