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All our pure, genuine Darjeeling Tea is organic certified and tested for more than 500 possible chemical residues! But why should we care? 

While certified products are more expensive than their conventional, non-certified equivalents, only a strictly controlled organic production with its regular controls can guarantee the highest standard of production as well as a complete tracking from the consumer to the producer. We care about our consumers, the producers and the environment. We care about where our teas are growing and are being processed. Our company decided to deal with nothing but healthy and tasty, high quality Darjeeling Tea, without any negative impacts on the environment. While this means higher efforts as well as more investments in additional quality controls, e.g. testing on more than 500 possible chemical residues that might be transported by wind from non-certified tea gardens the resulting Teas speak for themselves.

Geographical Indication (GI)

The Geographical Indication was introduced in the food sector to protect the name and quality of a clearly defined product which is produced in a specific geographical region. Two classic examples are Roquefort cheese and Champagne. Only cheese made from milk of the Manech-, Basco-Béarnaise- and Lacaune- breeds of sheep and matured in caves near Roquefort-sur-Soulzon in France under the influence of the Penicillium roqueforti fungus are allowed to be labeled as "Roquefort". Only sparkling wine from the French region of the Champagne that has been produced along strictly defined rules may be called "Champagne".

The same applies for Darjeeling Tea. Its unique quality is a result of a specific terroir with its natural micro climate, the high altitude as well as elaborated processing methods. The intense UV-light results in a high production of antioxidants. Darjeeling Tea has its own, unmistakable flavour. It is this flavour that has made it one of the world's most famous teas.

100% Pure Darjeeling Tea

"Darjeeling Tea" you buy elsewhere might not always be from the Darjeeling region. There are still traders or producers from other regions who blend Darjeeling Teas with lower grade teas, but label and sell the product as "Darjeeling Tea". The Tea Board of India estimates that up to 40,000 tons of tea a year are sold as "Darjeeling Tea" worldwide. However, the annual amount produced in Darjeeling is only 10,000 tons! To protect the genuineness of Darjeeling, the Tea Board of India has developed a unique Darjeeling logo as a seal of authenticity. Only companies selling 100% Pure Darjeeling Tea are awarded the use of this logo.


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All our teas display the Darjeeling logo - and have done so since 1988! You can find the Tea Board of India seal of authenticity and our license number on the back of every package.



Geographical Indication for Darjeeling Tea

• 1986 – The DARJEELING Logo was created and registered in UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Egypt and under the Madrid Agreement covering Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and former Yugoslavia

• 1999 – Darjeeling Certified Trademark Protection Scheme

• 2004 – DARJEELING TEA registered as Geographical Indication as Sl. No. 1 & 2

(Source: Darjeeling Tea - A Geographical Indication (GI). Darjeeling Tea Association, page 24)

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Save up to 20% when you buy your Organic Darjeeling Tea in bulk!

- Save approx. 20% when you buy 1000g instead of 4 x 250g

- Save approx. 10% when you buy 500g instead of 2 x 250g

Check out the following table to find out how long your pack of Organic Darjeeling Tea will approx. last:

 Daily Usage Daily Usage - Loose Leaf Tea Package Size Usage Duration
1 cup/day (250ml Tea) 2g Loose Leaf Tea 500g  8 Months
2 cups/day (500ml Tea) 4Loose Leaf Tea



4 Months

8 Months

3 cups/day (750ml Tea) 6Loose Leaf Tea



3 Months

7 Months

1 large pot/day (1-litre Tea) 8Loose Leaf Tea



2 Months

4 Months

Enjoy a great cup of ORGANIC DARJEELING TEA every day!