Certified Organic Darjeeling Tea

Each package of our Pure Organic Darjeeling Tea features the following labels for organic products, our license number and the Tea Board of India seal of authenticity:

Tea Campaign Australia  - Pure Darjeeling Tea - Tea Board of India
The Tea Board of India Seal for Pure Darjeeling.
Tea Campaign Australia - Certified Organic Darjeeling Tea

The EU label for organic products. The “Euro-Leaf” combines the stars of the Europe flag with the leaf as one of nature’s symbols.

Tea Campaign Australia - Certified Organic Darjeeling Tea

The German bio label for organic products.

Tea Campaign Australia - Certified Organic Darjeeling Tea
Naturland is one of the major organic farming associations. Naturland attributes the same importance to issues of social responsibility as to organic expertise.

Tea Campaign Australia positions itself in the tradition of consumer education. Consequently on each package of our Darjeeling Tea you will find information about the results of the analyses for pesticide residues. Since the beginning it was Tea Campaign's aim to encourage the tea growers in Darjeeling to stop using chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

Back in the 1990's when organic products became fashionable. The Tea Campaign abstained from offering organic tea. Why is that? Some managers of tea plantations in Darjeeling let slip after their second or third glass of Whiskey the kind of tricks they played on those European buyers looking only for organic tea. They simply could not understand why people in other parts of the world would get upset about the small amount of pesticides in the tea leaves,  when there were bigger problems to attend to in daily life.

Fortunately, much has improved in this respect. The positive effects of organic cultivation convinced a lot of farmers in Darjeeling. Consequently we could increase our supply of organic tea as well. In 2010 our dedicated producers have completed the conversion to organic farming. No matter if the tea is produced by conventional cultivation or organic agriculture we have each batch meticulously analysed twice for any residues of pesticides. The results you will find on the backside of each package.

At the Tea Campaign we find the term organic produce alone is not enough to reflect our high quality standards. Therefore a lot of our teas also bear the seal of Naturland – one of the major farming associations in the world. The Naturland criteria are stricter when it comes to organic farming than the standards for the organic label. For the consumer it’s good to know that Naturland also takes social guidelines and the welfare of the workers in the tea plantations into account.

Control of Organic Cultivation

All our teas are certified by the Swiss-based Institute for Market Ecology (IMO). The Institute provides quality control services and certification of organic, eco-friendly and socially responsible products throughout the world. The entire chain, from producer through to contract filler and seller, has to be certified. We are proud to offer you a product with the highest possible standard.

In addition, most of our teas are also certified by Germany's Naturland, one of the major organic farming associations. Naturland is a leading promoter of organic cultivation as well as of social responsibility. With the certifications of these two organisations we can guarantee that our teas are produced with the highest standards, using only environmental and socially responsible cultivation methods.

Inspection in India

The Swiss based Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) is a world renowned company. SGS inspectors are checking the quality and weight of traded goods. They check on all of our teas leaving India. They are on site from the moment when samples are taken until the moment when the teas are loaded onto the shipment vessels.

Find out more about our unique quality assurance for our Darjeeling Tea here...

Tea Campaign Australia - Organic Darjeeling Tea - Buy in Bulk and Save

Save up to 20% when you buy your Organic Darjeeling Tea in bulk!

- Save approx. 20% when you buy 1000g instead of 4 x 250g

- Save approx. 10% when you buy 500g instead of 2 x 250g

Check out the following table to find out how long your pack of Organic Darjeeling Tea will approx. last:

 Daily Usage Daily Usage - Loose Leaf Tea Package Size Usage Duration
1 cup/day (250ml Tea) 2g Loose Leaf Tea 500g  8 Months
2 cups/day (500ml Tea) 4Loose Leaf Tea



4 Months

8 Months

3 cups/day (750ml Tea) 6Loose Leaf Tea



3 Months

7 Months

1 large pot/day (1-litre Tea) 8Loose Leaf Tea



2 Months

4 Months

Enjoy a great cup of ORGANIC DARJEELING TEA every day!