Tea Campaign - 30 Years - 100% Pure and Organic Darjeeling Tea

Organic Darjeeling Tea - Tea Campaign Australia

Tea Campaign - 30 Years - 100% Pure and Organic Darjeeling Tea

The Tea Campaign Germany was founded in 1985 in Berlin, Germany. From its humble beginnings in a small basement apartment at the Free University of Berlin, the Tea Campaign Germany grew to the world's largest exporter of Pure Organic Darjeeling Tea with approx. 400,000 kg per year. The Tea Campaign Australia is part of the steadily growing Tea Campaign network, with its headquarter in Germany and additional operations in the following countries: GermanyCanada and USA and regular customers in many European countries like Spain, France, the Netherlands and others.

Healthy Environment, Healthy Tea, Healthy People!

The Tea Campaign, has long invested in the environmental health of Darjeeling, the district in India where our Teas come from. All Darjeeling Teas sold within the Tea Campaign Network are not only certified organic but also regularly tested for more than 500 potential in the tea industry widely used chemical residues, from herbicides to pesticides and fungicides (which may be transported by wind from neighbouring, non-certified tea-gardens). The results of these tests are printed on each tea package.

Spread the Word! 

The Tea Campaign network has grown by word of mouth, not through traditional marketing methods. The saved traditional advertising costs lowers the price for our customers. Help us to keep our prices low and spread the word here in Australia too!!

Tea Campaign Australia founded in 2015

The Tea Campaign Australia has been founded in 2015 by tea enthusiast who want to bring the Best Organic Darjeeling Tea to Australia for everyone to enjoy the champagne of teas.

The campaign concept refers to these aspects of our company:

Originally, back in 1985, the Tea Campaign Germany sold its Darjeeling Tea in campaigns, only at certain times of the year. Tea has a long shelf live... Thus, we encouraged our customers to buy their yearly consumption at one of these campaign events. 

Today, in the age of the Internet, our Darjeeling Tea is available from our website all year. But then as now the term "campaign" speaks to our economic vision: To enable our customers to buy Certified Organic Pure Darjeeling Tea at an affordable price. This vision requires that we campaign to educate consumers about our business model. We limit our product range to Darjeeling Tea, import directly from India, and sell in large packages. As a pioneering “green” company, we still encourage our customers to buy their year’s supply in one large order, to minimise the energy required for shipping, and to help them save on postage and handling.  Specialising in Darjeeling Tea allows us to carry out the strictest inspections and select the very best quality. Informed consumers are our most loyal partners.

Watch the two videos below to learn more about the man behind the idea, Tea Campaign Germany founder Günter Faltin:

Find out more about our economic principles, mindful living and our simplicity approach...
Tea Campaign Australia - Organic Darjeeling Tea - Buy in Bulk and Save

Save up to 20% when you buy your Organic Darjeeling Tea in bulk!

- Save approx. 20% when you buy 1000g instead of 4 x 250g

- Save approx. 10% when you buy 500g instead of 2 x 250g

Check out the following table to find out how long your pack of Organic Darjeeling Tea will approx. last:

 Daily Usage Daily Usage - Loose Leaf Tea Package Size Usage Duration
1 cup/day (250ml Tea) 2g Loose Leaf Tea 500g  8 Months
2 cups/day (500ml Tea) 4Loose Leaf Tea



4 Months

8 Months

3 cups/day (750ml Tea) 6Loose Leaf Tea



3 Months

7 Months

1 large pot/day (1-litre Tea) 8Loose Leaf Tea



2 Months

4 Months

Enjoy a great cup of ORGANIC DARJEELING TEA every day!