10 facts you didn't know about tea

10 facts you didn't know about tea

Drinking tea is often associated with a sense of calm. Its versatility to be consumed socially or solitarily is one of its biggest appeals. The ancient drink has evolved and diversified throughout the ages and there are numerous, quirky facts that are not widely recognised about tea.

1. Some varieties of tea stem from the same plant

Green tea, black tea and white tea are all derived from the same plant; the Camellia Sinesis.

2. Tea is the biggest competitor for water

Tea is the second most consumed beverage on a global scale, the only beverage that trumps it, is water.

3. No tea is really ‘herbal infused’

Herbal infused teas are actually titled ‘tisanes’ and the name has evolved through media and consumer marketing.

4. It’s all in the processing

Different types of tea are created only due to the ways the leaves are processed. White tea is minimally processed and black tea is highly oxidised. Different processing methods give the leaves a different flavour and appearance.

5. There are professional tea tasters

Like wine, when tasting tea, it is essential to sense flavours, tannins and the mouth feel. Serious tea tasters are expected to spit the tea out after sampling.

6. Processing can kill antioxidants

Green tea maintains its status as one of the highest antioxidant teas available. Green tea is also one of the least processed teas. 

7. The options are endless

There are at least 1,500 different types of tea available globally.

8. The UK wins

Ireland as a country is the highest tea drinking nation, with Britain coming in at a close second. 

9. Storage is important 

Whether it is loose leaf tea or tea bags, the way it is stored effects its longevity. Tea naturally absorbs water and humidity in the air and needs to be sealed in a tin or a water tight container. Our tins for organic Darjeeling tea protect your tea from moisture and light.

10. Tea can be an event

The most expensive high tea ever held was staged at the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong and cost approximately $9000 per couple.

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